3 warning signs of severe stage hand and foot disease in young children

HFMD children is very common and easily spread. Disease self off after 5-7 days. However, if not treated properly HFMD children can cause serious complications and even death. A lot of parents wonder if their child has HFMD when required hospitalization? In the article below, learn HFMD children but also signs of the disease in an advanced stage parents should note

1. Symptom recognition HFMD in children 

HFMD (abbreviated HFMD) caused by Coxsackievirus A16 virus and Enterovirus Acute HFMD 71. Children can be easily transmitted pepper chemical or direct contact with secretions from the blister, feces, saliva or nose and throat secretions. 

The disease can occur at any age but is most common in children under 10 years old. In Vietnam, HFMD can appear at any time of the year. In particular, the time from May 3-5 and May 9-12 cases of children infected with HFMD tends to increase markedly.

Children with HFMD at an early stage will appear symptoms such as fever, fatigue, mild sore throat, loss of appetite … However, these symptoms are easily confused with the disease bullous dermatitis due bacterial infections, viral infections, or chickenpox. 

In 1-2 days infected with HFMD early child will appear red rash around a few millimeters in diameter, floating on the surface of the skin. Then, the rash will become boils. 

The sores inside the mouth, on the tongue, palate, gums may be sore, painful when swallowing. Parents need to pay special attention not to be confused with ordinary mouth ulcers. In addition, the sores can also appear on the palms, soles, buttocks or genitalia in children. 

2. Signs children with HFMD in advanced stages requiring hospitalization

HFMD children can cause serious complications and even lead to death if not treated promptly. However, many parents wonder if young again caught HFMD when required hospitalization? 

When you see a child with HFMD parents need to contact your doctor as soon as possible to determine the extent of disease and make treatment regimens best fit. In addition, parents should also note that these symptoms can be severe HFMD below:

Continuous crying lasting 
When HFMD, children can fussy all night, or every bedroom from 15-20 minutes to get up and crying constantly. Many parents think that children cry because of pain due to ulcers in the mouth notes. But in reality, this is a warning sign of neurotoxicity condition at an early stage. 

Continuous high fever lowering 
When HFMD children become severe, the child may fever over 38.5 degrees C continuously over 48 hours and no cooling effect with paracetamol medicine. This warning level of inflammation in the body very strong young lead to neurotoxicity. Meanwhile, the child should be fever-reducing medicines 1 special containing ibuprofen as directed by your doctor. 

These are warning signs of mental intoxication. Parents need to pay close attention to children with startling frequency of how often or not even when they were playing. 

If you see 1 of 3 children appear above symptoms, parents should contact your doctor at the health facility for treatment prestige promptly. 

Parents should closely monitor children with hand, foot and mouth when 
parents need to closely monitor children with HFMD 

3. measures to prevent HFMD in children 

frequently washing hands with soap under running water especially before eating, feeding, food preparation, before closing the child, after defecation, after cleaning and change diapers for infants. 

Hygienic eating, cooked, boiled water.

  • Ensure eating utensils should be washed clean, it is best to soak in boiling water before use. 
  • Ensure clean water in daily activities. 
  • Do not chew, feed the young. 
  • Never let children eat impulsive, sucking hands, mouthing toys. 
  • Never let children share a handkerchief, tissue paper, eating utensils such as cups, bowls, spoons, plates, bowls, toys … 
  • Regular surface cleaning supplies daily contact as learning tools , toys, stair handrails, door handles, floors, table / chair … with the usual detergent. 
  • Isolation young people who are infected or suspected HFMD. 
  • In 10-14 days when infected mouth, parents need to isolate children at home, do not let children go to school or crowded places.
  • HFMD in children can fully recover without sequelae. But parents need to monitor and care for children with hand, foot and mouth care to prevent complications. Upon detecting a child with abnormal signs, parents should quickly take the child to the nearest medical facility for examination and treatment.

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3 warning signs of severe stage hand and foot disease in young children

3 warning signs of severe stage hand and foot disease in young children HFMD children is very common...

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