Medicine is one of the specialties that requires students to always take the time to study and learn specialized knowledge, especially knowledge from international documents. Therefore, if you are pursuing the goal of becoming a good doctor, cultivate your knowledge and study English for Health with 5 books later.

1. Bates ’Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking

Bates ’Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking 14th Edition – It is probably the book that is quite familiar to special medical students who are studying at the grassroots or junior level. This book is a comprehensive guide to medical consultation and examination, providing the best platform for clinical history and medical examination. Clear 2-column format with visiting techniques is quite meticulous in each step in the left column, abnormalities or differential diagnosis on the right.

With an easy-to-read way of combining detailed illustrations, Bates ’Guide to Physical Examination and History Taking is an indispensable document for those pursuing Medicine

2. Guyton Textbook of Medical Physiology

The book was edited by Dr. John E. Hall, developed from previous versions written by Dr. Arthur C. Guyton. The most common goal that both authors want to aim at is to explain, in the most intelligible language for students, how the cells, tissues, organs seem to be unrelated. can create a perfect human living body.

Guyton Textbook of Medical Physiology
Guyton Textbook of Medical Physiology

The Guyton Textbook of Medical Physiology focuses on the most basic principles of Human Physiology, necessary for all health care disciplines such as Internal Medicine, Dentistry, Nursing and Biology. This is the “bed pillow” document of many medical doctors.

In addition to research materials, you should also change the way you update Medical news through official, online news sites

3. Quick Medical Terminology

Quick Medical Terminology has been dubbed as a door for doctors or students to enter a new world, seize a new opportunity and gain new prospects. This is a useful tool to make it easier to understand and communicate in clinical practice.

Quick Medical Terminology
Quick Medical Terminology

The presentation form of the book is very scientific and attracts readers. Although there are not many medical vocabulary, reading the book is not too difficult for those who are just learning English for beginners. Design a page layout clearly 2 parallel columns. In the larger column, the author first introduces the meaning of a word, phrase, specialized term, followed by the exercise section to help readers remember the fastest word. The next column is smaller and parallel, it is the solution of the exercises that makes searching much easier. At the end of each chapter, there will be a small synthetic test and there are 2 big tests at the end of the book for general evaluation.

From content to form, the book really motivated the self-study method to achieve outstanding quality, suitable for all subjects from students to veteran doctors.

4. Gray’s Anatomy for student

This can be said to be the bedside book of all the first year medical students around the world. Corrected as the title of the book, Gray’s Anatomy for student has an easy-to-understand way of writing, investing in many pictures, illustrations, providing learning and memorization methods, for exams and collecting. knowledge in clinical practice.
Gray’s Anatomy for student
Gray’s Anatomy for student
Through many times of reprinting and editing, the authors have chosen an anatomical subdivision approach that links organs by region on the body. This approach is convenient for both doctors to look back on knowledge to identify a vulnerable area when meeting a specific patient. In addition, at the end of each section of the agency section, the book also introduces some clinical cases to thoroughly apply Anatomy to the ultimate goal of improving the quality of health care for the people.
Gray’s Anatomy books serve all audiences. Students have Gray’s Anatomy for student, Flash card makes it easy to learn, Atlas to control theory – for example, Review for exams. The book Clinical Photographic Dissector is very useful for clinicians.

5. Pocket Medicine

Pocket Medicine is an extremely famous Medical handbook in the industry. This is a very brief and useful book about Internal Medicine. With an easy-to-understand presentation and a brief but complete amount of information, this handbook is carried by many doctors around the world to look up when needed. Make sure this is an essential book for clinical school students and a very valuable reference for doctors and those interested in the health field. Therefore, being a medical student

Pocket Medicine
Pocket Medicine


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