Fatty liver: How do you stop the cancer risk?

Liver infections if you don’t find out soon can lead to cirrhosis, liver cancer, and eventually the threat to your life, so, you should be able to find out more specific about the disease as the evidence to repel the cancer.

Fatty liver disease is becoming increasingly popular in many parts of the world, affects about 2% of people worldwide. This is related to the pathological condition of obesity, type 2 diabetes and other disorders characterized by insulin resistance. If untreated fatty liver can progress into more serious liver disease and other health problems.

Fatty liver occurs when there is too much fat accumulation in liver cells. Although typically have a small amount of fat in the cells, but the liver is fatty if fat rate over 5% liver weight. Fatty liver is divided into 3 phases including:

• Stage 1: the percentage of fat in the liver accounted for between 5-10% of the total weight. Sick people are less specific symptoms.

• Phase 2: percentage of fat in the liver accounted for between 10-20% of the total weight. The patient may experience symptoms of anorexia, bloating, nausea and always feel tired.

• Phase 3: percentage of fat in the liver makes up more than 30%. The patient can suffer from jaundice, yellowing eyes, unexplained weight loss, anorexia, fatigue, pain in the lower right ribs news …

The catch about fatty liver disease is the key to help you push back. You make the same Hello Bacsi learn more about fatty liver disease to prevent the risk of cancer.

Symptoms of fatty liver

Always feeling hungry and craving: The first symptoms of fatty liver is always appetite, especially sweets. This makes the patient to eat more foods rich in starch, sugar, from which the body will be fat accumulation in the liver and liver damage, serious health decline. 

More belly fat: In people who are overweight and obese have higher risk of fatty liver disease. Body mass index (BMI) greater than 30 usually increases waist size, this is a high risk factor for fatty liver. This condition can lead to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart attack and stroke.

The index of high cholesterol: high blood levels of fat in the liver is signaling in fat surplus. The liver also produces cholesterol and push into the bloodstream. Therefore, when eating foods high in fat, the liver releases more fat in the body and increases the amount of cholesterol. 

Always tired: fatty liver disease with no obvious symptoms and progresses silently, you can only detect if a blood test or biopsy. However, once the disease progresses to cirrhosis, you may see signs like fatigue and debilitating body feels fast. 

Pain in the upper right abdomen: fatty liver epidemic started making accumulated in the abdomen, infections will cause abdominal pain accompanied by symptoms of loss of appetite, loss of appetite.

Yellow skin, yellow eyes: When impaired liver function would not be eliminated toxins accumulate and cause many of the body. Waste yellow called bilirubin was born in secret and is processed in the liver. When too much bilirubin in the blood, substances can leak into tissues such as the skin and eyes, and cause jaundice, yellow eyes. 

Fatty liver symptoms usually appear only when the stage of exacerbations, so you need to check the periodic health and the treatment and prevention of hepatic steatosis fit.

Causes of fatty liver

6 reasons can cause or contribute to more severe fatty liver include: 

• Obesity: Overweight obesity can promote fat storage in the liver. When the body often get fat triglycerides to threshold, there will be an accumulation, not all causes metabolic steatosis. In addition, the consumption of too many calories causes the body to hoard as triglycerides. 

• Insulin resistance: The hormone insulin helps muscles, tissues get blood sugar for energy and liver support storing surplus glucose. Insulin resistance makes this hormone does not work properly causing increased excess fat stored in the liver and may lead to hepatitis or even cirrhosis.

• Metabolic syndrome: This is one of the causes of fatty liver nonalcoholic. Metabolic syndrome is a collection of risk factors of cardiovascular disease and two type 2 diabetes 

• Diet grease content of fat, triglycerides and bad cholesterol in the blood is the most common cause of liver fat. When the body becomes insulin resistance, fatty liver started taking acid from the blood. Therefore, this type of fat accumulation in the liver begin as fat reserves, thereby developing a fatty liver disease. 

• Drinking alcohol regularly: There are 90% who regularly use alcohol fatty liver. When alcohol enters the body, only about 10% is excreted through urine, breath and sweat, 90% will go directly to the liver. Filtering capabilities of the liver is limited, as overloading will adversely affect the liver, causing fatty liver, hepatitis, cirrhosis.

• Shortage of nutrients: The excessive dieting can cause the body to feel hungry, leading to low blood sugar causes the body to increase lipolysis to provide energy for the body. When grease resolution, the amount of fatty acids into the bloodstream leading to hoard fat in the liver. Shortage of nutrient deficiency as well as transporting amino acid content of fat, the body can not keep moving triglycerides in liver cells, leading to fatty liver.

The treatment of fatty liver

1. Adjust active lifestyles 
To build a healthy lifestyle, science, you should note the following: 

– Absolutely do not use alcohol and stimulants such as coffee, tobacco. 

– Limit stress, constant pressure, you should arrange a time to rest and work reasonable, avoid taking on too much work. 

– Sleep on health is extremely important, so you take from 6-8 hours to sleep and sleep up to 11 hours. 

– The active exercise a day can help improve health and promote effective treatment, you should spend 30 minutes each day to exercise. 

– You should have a reasonable diet should eat something, anything to improve patient abstaining. 

2. Healthy Diet
Foods that are consumed daily will directly affect the operation of the liver and affect fatty liver disease. Therefore, you need to identify two groups of foods you should eat and should abstain from such 

food should eat 

• Sea fish: The ocean fish contain high amounts of unsaturated fats and protein good for patients in the prevention or treatment of fatty liver disease. These fish include salmon, tuna … 

• Vegetables and fruits: These foods contain more fiber and vitamins help reduce cholesterol levels in the blood and liver cells. The fruits and vegetables you should include parsley, broccoli, spinach, corn, mushrooms, tomato, melon, cucumber … 

• Fruits, berries: These foods provide vitamins and fiber very good for the liver’s ability to operate include oranges, lemons, grapefruit, apples, bananas …

• Vegetable oil: Vegetable oil contains unsaturated fatty acids work to reduce cholesterol intake. The vegetable oil or used as peanut oil, sesame oil, oil, rice, sunflower seed oil … 

Foods to avoid 

• Red meat: the red meats such as beef, pork … contains more protein and cholesterol causes the liver to work harder to metabolize cause impaired liver function. 

• Food with grease: These foods contain more saturated fat is not good for the body, which increases the risk of fatty liver disease, blood fats, cardiovascular disease, diabetes … These foods include animal offal, fried food, fast food …

• Alcohol: Alcohol and other types of alcoholic beverages causes the liver to work harder to metabolize and excrete toxins, long gradual impairment of liver function, which promotes fatty liver disease to cirrhosis, even can cause liver cancer. 

3. Use herbal prevent fatty liver 
disease fatty liver is still no specific treatment. Changing lifestyle and diet are not enough to promote the healing process takes place quickly. Many studies have shown that these herbs can promote improvement of steatosis safe but effective.

2014, Dr. James Ehrlich demonstrated that extracts of bergamot (scientific name Citrus bergamia Risso – citrus) ability to significantly improve the structure and function of the liver in patients suffering from metabolic syndrome and diseases steatosis. This study had the participation of authors from three continents and is published in the journal Advances in Biological Chemistry. 

Fatty liver disease caused anxiety, life-threatening by the day for each patient. So you change your diet and lifestyle now. If combined with herbal medicine has been studied, you will increase the chances of cancer repel scary!

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