What is medical art! It is considered one of the must-have items of a doctor, as it will provide you with the most accurate descriptive elements, helping your colleague to understand what you write.

This section was developed for 'speed learning' of medical terminology. Start by reviewing the meanings for a block of medical terms, and then go back and choose a previous term randomly and try to recall the meaning of that particular medical term before hovering over the term to determine the answer
a-  no; not; without
an-    no; not; without
ab-     away from
abdomin/o     abdomen
-ac     pertaining to
acanth/o      spiny; thorny
acar/o      mites
acetabul/o  acetabulum (hip socket)
acous/o      hearing
acoust/o      hearing, sound
acr/o       extremities; top; extreme point
acromi/o        acromion (extension of shoulder bone)
actin/o        light
acu/o     sharp; severe; sudden
-acusis      hearing
ad-      toward
-ad      toward
aden/o      gland
adenoid/o  adenoids
adip/o       fat
adren/o      adrenal gland
adrenal/o  adrenal gland
aer/o      air
af-      toward
agglutin/o  clumping; sticking together
-agogue     producer, leader
-agon      to assemble; gather
agora-      marketplace
-agra      excessive pain
-al      pertaining to
alb/o      white
albin/o      white
albumin/o  albumin (protein)
alges/o      sensitivity to pain
-algesia      sensitivity to pain
-algia      pain
all/o      other
alveol/o       alveolus; air sac; small sac
ambi-      around, on both sides, about
ambly/o      dim; dull
amphi-     around, on both sides
-amine      nitrogen compound
ammon/o       ammonium
amni/o     amnion (sac surrounding the embryo)
amyl/o      starch
an/o     anus
-an      pertaining to
ana-   up; apart; backward; again; anew
andr/o      male
aneurysm/o  aneurysm (widening of blood vessel)
angi/o      vessel (blood)
anis/o      unequal
ankyl/o      stiff
ante-      before; forward
anter/o      front
anthrac/o  coal
anthr/o      antrum of the stomach
anti-      against
anxi/o      uneasy; anxious
aort/o      aorta (largest artery)
-apheresis   removal
aphth/o       ulcer
apo-      off; away
aponeur/o  aponeurosis (type of tendon)
append/o      appendix
appendic/o  appendix
aque/o      water
-ar      pertaining to
arachn/o      spider
-arche      beginning
arsenic/o   arsenic
arter/o      artery
arteri/o      artery
arteriol/o  arteriole (small artery)
arthr/o     joint
-arthria      articulate (speak distinctly)
articul/o  joint
-artresia  closure, occlusion
atreto-      closed, lacking an opening
-ary      pertaining to
asbest/o      asbestos
-ase      enzyme
aspir/o     removal
-assay     to examine, analyze
-asthenia  lack of strength
astr/o      star, star-shaped
aque/o     water
atel/o      incomplete
ather/o     plaque (fatty substance)
-ation     process; condition
atri/o     atrium (upper heart chamber)
atmo-      steam, vapor
audi/o      hearing
audit/o      hearing
aur/o      ear
auricul/o  ear
auscult/o  to listen
aut/o      self; own
aut-      self; own
auto-      self; own
aux/o      growth, acceleration
axill/o      armpit
axi/o      axis
azot/o      urea; nitrogen

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