Should women be pregnant after 40? Modern life makes women more and more children later. If you decide to become a mother after 40 years, you should know the benefits and risks that may occur at this point.

Higher life expectancy

late childbirth, women may live longer. According to research by the North American Menopause Society The 2015 women who gave birth after age 33 finally can live up to 95 years old more than 2 times the number of women giving birth at the age of 29. The children at the age of 40 is equal evidence that the reproductive system aging more slowly than other women. The relationship between childbirth and longevity true for most women with 3 children

Awareness and better memory

According to Parents magazine, having children later may help women better cognitive and memory sharper as they age. This conclusion was based on a series of tests of different activities of the brain with 830 middle-aged women. Women who give birth after 35 years finally have a better memory. Study also found women had their first child after 24 years to settle all issues better than those of the same age to have children soon

You wise and more experienced

The study in the journal European Journal of Development detecting older mothers more patience. They rarely scold or beat their children. Normally, at this age, women do not get pregnant accidentally. Therefore, the more stable they are emotionally and psychologically ready for the changes during pregnancy and childbirth


Financial stability

At age 40, most women have a stable career. They do not have to worry about the issue of work or income. That way they can focus and spend more time in the care of the baby. Financial stability also help women ease tensions with the arrival of a child

Have time to experience everything with me

At age 40, women are less interested in partying, fun and friends. This is when they have accumulated all the experience and desire to spend time with family. If you have a baby at this time, women are no longer worried about their own needs anymore, but will enjoy the happiness with

Lower pregnancy chances.

Although there are many advantages, pregnancy after age 40 pose many risks. The greater the age, the harder women the chance of pregnancy. After 32 years, their fertility is significantly lower due to start in the number and quality of eggs decreased

Higher miscarriage risk

the risk of miscarriage increases with age and after 45 years, it can be up to 50%. In addition, changes in the body related to age also affect the course of pregnancy. They reduce hormonal function and the uterus, which can lead to miscarriage.

Risk of osteoporosis


Older women give birth may increase the likelihood of osteoporosis later in life. According to Health magazine, women who gave birth after age 35 are at risk of this disease twice as high as those born prematurely. Therefore, if the pregnancy at this age, women need to take precautions to protect bones


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